Air Caledonie arrivals Noumea Airport (GEA)

Air Caledonie Noumea GEA airport arrivals allow to check status of Air Caledonie flight arrivals at Noumea Magenta Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Currnety Time at Noumea airport is 03:21 AM 2021-06-16

No. Arrival Origin Status
TY202 08:00 (LIF) Lifou Scheduled
TY108 08:20 (MEE) Mare Scheduled
TY506 08:50 (KNQ) Kone Scheduled
TY402 10:10 (ILP) Ile Des Pins Scheduled
TY308 10:50 (UVE) Ouvea Scheduled
TY204 11:20 (LIF) Lifou Scheduled
TY212 14:50 (LIF) Lifou Scheduled
TY520 16:50 (KNQ) Kone Scheduled
TY114 17:00 (MEE) Mare Scheduled
TY414 17:00 (ILP) Ile Des Pins Scheduled
TY312 19:20 (UVE) Ouvea Scheduled
TY420 19:40 (ILP) Ile Des Pins Scheduled
TY216 19:40 (LIF) Lifou Scheduled